" Recovering Out Loud "

“The following is a short compilation of several writings from some of our members who choose to recover out loud.  We thought it might be interesting and insightful” 

Empowering, bold, unabashed, courageous, unapologetic, and, by all means, absolutely necessary are just some of the words that come to mind when considering what it means to “recover out loud”.

Living recovery out loud is not something that’s possible for everyone.  It is a personal choice and should always remain up to the individual.

That being said, the main reason many individuals choose to keep their recovery a secret is due to the potential repercussions caused by shame and stigma. A stigma that persists in our society towards individuals who have or have had a substance use disorder. The shame and stigma that’s associated with all mental illnesses, not just addiction.

By choosing to recover out loud, we hope to make some sort of positive movement toward compassion over shame and stigma. If we understand addiction at all, we know that it’s nothing to be ashamed of and that the individual struggling with this disorder is suffering. It is only by being visible that we can inform and educate.

Recovering out loud also creates safety for us.  The more people who know about our struggle, the less the likelihood of being offered a drink or drug or being put in a precarious situation.

When we are open about our recovery and can be honest with everyone we are involved with, we have no need to lie and indeed can offer the opportunity to learn about addiction.  As well, we very often attract and possibly even assist those who are secretly struggling.

The “Recover Out Loud” ideology has caused a paradigm shift in how recovery is viewed. Instead of being embarrassed and shameful of our recovery, we cherish the chance to live life proud of our change. Each of us in recovery has walked our own personal hero’s journey, and this accomplishment deserves to be celebrated.

We invite our readers to share their own personal stories of recovering out loud here so that we can celebrate together.

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